Everything you need to know about getting married in Italy!

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Captivate your guests and throw an unforgettable romantic Italian wedding ceremony in one of the world’s oldest and richest historically inspiring country.

Having firsthand experience and the fortune of marrying my Italian soulmate in his home country, I’ve officially become an advocate of encouraging others to elope or recruit a wedding planner to assist with the coordination of the picture perfect European wedding.

Our wedding was completely flawless accompanied by extraordinary breathtaking views; all captured in our gorgeous wedding photos.

We chose to hire an Italian photographer to capture the authenticity of such a beautiful country while incorporating all the fine details and emotions shared on that day.

Our chosen venue was located in Sardegna, a little island located of the main land surrounded by beautiful crystal clear waters.  It was a celebration filled with history, culture and love.

Being absolutely impressed by the overall outcome with the given chance to meet my in-law’s extended family; I had fallen completely in love with the country’s friendly people, location and rich preserved history.

Consequently I needed to share my experience with couples looking for locations to wed so I’m willing to draw on my experience and start a resourceful blog dedicated to destination weddings in beautiful Italy.

This blog will cover all the essentials you need to know about planning your destination wedding in Italy and hopefully inspire you to create everlasting memories!



Groom and bride make a toast after the wedding ceremony

Italian Destinations

Destination weddings are a way of allowing you and your guests the opportunity to indulge in a bit of travelling and explorations as well as acquiring the opportunity to share your special day.

For the nonchalant couple who loves detailing and craves for the perfect beach wedding, I promise you that the Amalfi coast would be your ideal location!

Your wedding photos will be a stunner with picturesque backdrops of vintage authentic Italian buildings greeted by the warm clear blue seas and yellow sands.

What can be more perfect than the warm weather kissing your European tanned skin, with your toes buried in the warm soft sands as you say “I do” to your significant other in front of your family and friends?

Or if you’re more of a traditional bride; why not walk down the aisle in your classic white wedding dress in the historic halls of a wonderful antique church, surrounded by brilliant green fields with fresh country town smells, based in Tuscany?

Italy is filled with hidden gems in all sorts of location, and I guarantee you will fall in love with at least one where you can imagine yourself walking down the aisle.



Table setting at a luxury wedding reception in a large ballroom

Wedding Requirements

One of the best and important non requirements of hosting your marriage in Italy is that there is no residency requirement to marry there. Italy welcomes couples in love from all over the world to tie the knot and ultimately honeymoon in any chosen location without any bureaucratic delays and drama.

Rest assure that the civil service performed in Italy is also legally recognised throughout the world, as long as you have actually registered in your home country. The certificate itself will be multi-lingual with an international validity.

If you’re worried about the language barrier as you and your partner are not of Italian background, I’d personally recommend that you find yourself a wedding planner to help organise the special occasion.

Italy offers many professional wedding coordinators who are fantastic at organising a celebration that widely reflects your desired imagination, so forget about stressing and simply relax.


Having a destination wedding in Italy is one of the best choices I ever made and I’m glad my husband had convinced me to do it. For inspiration and resourceful information about planning your perfect Italian wedding, look no further! As you’ll find everything you need to know right here.

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